Dreamsphere are an international alt-metal band originating from Ljubljana-Slovenia, formed by the youngest members, Condemnatio Cristi and Noctiferia in a wish to do what’s needed on the scene – catchy modern metal with elements of gothic rock, pop and melodic death. The band uses both classical and progressive techniques of songwriting which results in extremely diverse and addictive soundscape.


“….They’ve taken on a different path and the first album from them titled The Darkest Experience brings with it some groove laden soundscaping complimented by anger and maudlin, while an impassioned polemic draws a powerful spell through their haunting cadences….” Soundscape Magazine

“Beautifully dark symphonic & electronic mix” Pure Gain Media “Dreamside Trancing simply blows my mind!” Way Out Radio

“Immense melodic sound for lovers of Death, Goth and Electronic Rock” Death Metal Media

“Got it love it playing it” Headbanger FM

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“Melodic power with am electro Death underbelly” Track Playlist

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Metal band Dreamsphere single release The Punisher Holier Than Thou Records

Holier Than Thou Records Dreamsphere album release The Darkest Experience