Jon Hartz Wild

Jon Hartz Wild singer/songwriter, guitarist and pianist based in London, an original artist, session player and tutor. Originating from Shropshire, from the age of 15 started to play in bands in the midlands and during this time studied classical piano and music production. At the age of 19 Jon moved to London to study music at BIM to advance his music career.

At the age of 23 Jon joined rock band Romance (Universal) as lead guitarist and released some original material and toured UK, Europe, Japan and supported The Cult

Jon is inspired my many different artists and musicians, creating his own spin, offering new and original songs, now a tutor, session player and performs for various function bands including Queen B. Also works on a conceptual music video project The Director’s Cuts May 2017 Jon is back on tour with Du Bellows

‘Over the years I have developed my own singing style and aim to keep creating music as a solo artist along with collaborating with other artists. I like to try new things and am always searching for new inspiration. I think it is most important as a musician to be yourself and hope your art and music connects with others. I find music is the best way for me to express myself and share my view with the world’.
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