Karen Starks and Jon Patrick Brennan.

Songwriting team of Karen Starks and Jon Patrick Brennan. Their music reaches over many different genres…. Rock, Pop Country and Electronic crossovers.

Karen Starks has been writing pretty much her whole life, with a pen in hand and a story to tell. Karen’s first love is poetry which has lead her on to writing a number of articles and a book.

In 2006, Karen wrote “A Woman’s Life in Verse” (Publish America LLLP) a second book will be completed by the end of 2017, both works are in the theme of ‘inspiration for women’.

Other writing credits include articles in papers and magazines such as ‘The Woman’s Page’, ‘Shoe Woman Magazine’, ‘The Innerwords Messenger’, ‘Pussycat Magazine’, ‘Moondance Online Magazine’, ‘Yoni’ and ‘AbOUT Magazine’.

So much of what Karen writes can easily be translated into songs and she started a collaboration with Jon Patrick Brennan in 2012. With Karen’s lyrics, ideas and melodies, Jon arranging/composing a dynamic and creative writing team was forged.

Jon Patrick Brennan has been active in the local music scene for over 15 years, and has served as Resident Arranger / Composer for TRIAD Recording Complex since 2012. A singer and multi-instrumentalist, Jon has arranged music in many different genres, including Rock, Hip-hop, Pop, Country, R&B, Celtic, Chiptune, and Orchestral, as well as composing an original score for the horror movie “The Last Halloween.”

He is also a skilled engineer and studio musician, frequently writing and performing parts on guitar, bass, piano/keyboard, various percussive instruments, and backing vocals. His enjoys working closely with clients to develop and fully realize the unique sound of each project, always staying true to their vision.

Jon graduated summa cum laude from Rhode Island College in ’07, with a degree in Music and Theatre. He has served as Musical Director for many theatrical productions, along the way writing music for two different productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He has also done pit orchestra arrangements for two world premiere musicals, featuring (respectively) the music of the Dresden Dolls and his mother, singer/songwriter Kari Tieger.

Jon regularly performs with a number of musical groups. He serves as lead vocalist for the original rock band Shryne, for which he won “Best Male Vocalist” from Limelight Magazine. He also plays keyboard with the Dave Tessier All-Star Stars, acts as the “Royal Keyboardist” for King Richard’s Faire, and has most recently started a Celtic project called Branáin with his wife Sara.



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